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Do Your Thing. (A Brief Rant)

I haven’t posted a dance blog in over 2 years. I’m comfortable with that. I’ve developed a different relationship to dance in my life, which hasn’t really prompted me to participate in the same ways as I did before. Hence, … Continue reading

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Learning through Play, or How the Damsels Saved Themselves

The Damsels are a bit different in mission than some of the other troupes. We’re explicitly not trying to be historical or draw intentionally from old footage or classic jazz movements. We sort of got together just to try new things and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We made our team slogan an echo of Austin: “Keeping jazz weird.” Over the past 9 months that I’ve been dancing with the Damsels, I have learned so much. That’s really what this post is about: what I’ve learned from the Damsels. Continue reading

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How Moving to Austin, Texas Transformed My Experience of Jazz Music

In late February of this year, I moved to Austin, Texas: Live Music Capital of the World. We are fortunate to have an amazing dance scene in Austin.  The Fed, our weekly Thursday dance, takes place in a beautiful mansion … Continue reading

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Is there a “wrong” way to dance Lindy Hop? (Or: The Youtubification of the Lindy Hop, Part Deux)

Prelude: (Feel free to skip it.) From approximately 2004-2007, I was super into Balboa.  I still think it’s a beautiful dance and I greatly enjoy it, but for the past 6 years I have not pursued it very much.  I … Continue reading

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The Youtubification of the Lindy Hop

Recently I had a brief conversation with a prominent Balboa teacher who also dances Lindy Hop, in which the person claimed that “Lindy Hop has become all about pageantry.”  When I asked what that meant, exactly, they explained by saying … Continue reading

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