Searching Youtube is the easiest way to find clips of Gina’s dancing. Here are a few highlights…

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Couples Battle 2014, with Alain Fragman (2nd place)
Quarter-final round, first battle
Improvised social dancing in a contest format


The Hot Damn Damsels at Lindyfest 2016
Choreography by Gina Helfrich, Katibeth Lee, Samantha Gaw, and Vanessa Shields


ILHC 2013 Open Showcase with Alain Fragman (2nd place)
Choreography by Gina Helfrich & Alain Fragman


Roaring 20s Lawn Party 2013
Choreographed & Performed by Gina Helfrich & Megan Damon










Tiny Bunch Performance at Atlanta Lindy Exchange 2008
“Public Jitterbug No. 1” by the Cats & the Fiddle
Choreography by Gina Helfrich